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Not much compares to the heartache of having to surrender your pets to a rescue just because your landlord operates a No Pets policy

The fact that you don’t own your own home shouldn’t stop you from being able to adopt a pet.

AdvoCATS works with you, the tenant, to put together a body of evidence to support any tenancy application, and will deal direct with your landlord on your behalf if that’s what you want. If your tenancy agreement says No Pets we are happy to query that, and make a case for you.

What we can do for you:

  • Speak to, and negotiate with a housing association, landlord or lettings agent on your behalf
  • Assess cats and their behaviour
  • Obtain vet references to prove responsible ownership
  • Put together a cat CV for you to use with rental applications

Sample documents 

Sample Tenant Check

Sample Pet CV

Sample Vet Reference


Tenants Quote James S & Charlie M
We’re so thankful AdvoCATS exists, we couldn’t have done this without you! We needed (this flat) more than anything so (permission for the cats) is the best news in the world! AdvoCATS ROCKS!!!!!!!!! – James S & Charlie M
Tenant Quote from Ruth G

On the viewing day, another family made an offer on the house. They were rejected and we were chosen instead – the landlady was very impressed with extra paperwork AdvoCATS helped me to create! There’s no doubt in my mind that AdvoCATS played vital role in our success with this house, without you I might have had to say goodbye to my babies. I don’t know how to thank you enough! – Ruth G

Tenant Quote from Julie Hogg

I’m very lucky as my landlord allowed me to have my cats. I had to pay a bit extra deposit wise but it wasn’t that much. I live in the countryside and the gardens around the house had problems with rats before I arrived – no more! My cats have probably saved her money as no destructive rats/ rodents come anywhere near. I have been renting the house for 7 years now and am unlikely to move. Cats and I are very happy here and my 3 fur babies are vital to my mental health and happiness as I suffer from clinical depression. Landlords need to realise that pets mean people are more likely to be long term tenants and look after a property – at least the majority anyway – Julie Hogg

Tenant Quote from Gabby Carr

This is such a good idea. We are sooooo lucky that our landlord lets us have animals, but this hasn’t always been the case. I’ve grown up with cats (and many other animals), but I remember when I moved out to go to uni, and then subsequently into rented accomodation when I got my job, how lonely the house felt without any pets. Pets are part of the family and are so important! It’s sad that many animals are missing out on wonderful homes simply because young people cannot get on the housing ladder – Gabby Carr

Latest news and updates

Car Boot West Park Leisure Centre

Car Boot West Park Leisure Centre

AdvoCATS was at the indoor car boot sale at West Park Leisure Centre, Long Eaton today, with a lovely civilised lunchtime start! This was our last fundraising event of the year, the.

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Advocats visits Citizens Advice Beeston

Advocats visits Citizens Advice Beeston

AdvoCATS received a very warm welcome from the team at Citizens Advice in Beeston today when we went to give them a presentation on our work – they will soon be displaying.

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Advocats featured in EMPO October newsletter

Advocats featured in EMPO October newsletter

Fantastic article about AdvoCATS and our work in EMPO’s (East Midlands Property Owners) October newsletter – and we’ll be exhibiting at their Derby Landlords Forum on 30th January next year.

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ARLA Propertymark Regional Meeting – 19th September 2019

ARLA Propertymark Regional Meeting – 19th September 2019

An amazing opportunity for AdvoCATS to put their case to many of the leading lettings agencies in the area – if you’d like us to visit your business with our Power Point.

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Moving home? Landlord wont allow pets? Let us help!